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Forex strategies and training videos

This section contains a good number of strategies which I described very clearly and record it on videos to share forex traders my knowledge and help them in their trading by showing them good methods and practices and some tips and techniques.

These strategies analyze multiple forex topics, some of these subjects which I treated in these videos :

1 - How to predict reversal trends with the most accurate techniques.
2 - How to enter a trade at the perfect entry point without loosing 1 pip.
3 - How to eliminate fake entries and trends. etc ....

This "Forex strategies" section contains training videos explaining the use of Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages (EMA 8 and EMA 15), Zig Zag and many more ....

You can access these videos by two ways :


2 - Enter a word or phrase and search corresponding topics (ex. Reverse trend , perfect Entry point , perfect exit point , Bollinger Bands , Zig zag , RSI , trend prediction , etc ... )