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Total Investments
721 000 EUR
9/17/2019 12:19:27 PM
New York Time [GMT-5]
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Latest News : BTCEUR entered into BUY trend
Forex Traiding is the largest foreign exchange market in the world. With the internet technology and availability, FOREX trading has grown in popularity among investors. FOREX trading is a very specialized form of day trading. Because of the high margins available in FOREX, investors can control large amounts of currency with small outlays of actual cash. This leverage creates huge profits as well as big losses. Forex traders must remain aware that financial loss is always a possibility. Forex is a market that trades as over US$1 trillion a day. There are some differences in the FX market compared to the stock market. Money moves faster so no single investor has the ability to affect market price and trades are able to open and close within seconds which is impossible on the stock market. To begin Forex trading Select a decent and professional broker and open a Forex account. You need to choose a foreign exchange trading strategy; Different strategies work for different traders, we advise traders to find the right trading strategy and FX technical analysis that suits them [Check our forex trading strategy     Forex Trading Strategy]. If traders don't have time to build their own strategies we advise them to look carefully for the right forex advisor [Forex Trading Signals]. Right advisor means decent, professional and has good reputation in the forex market. Many advisors claims that they can make you rich in no time, stay away of them. Brokers often use advertisements on radio and television to promote commodity futures and options. The advertisements and infomercials promise quick riches – such as turning $5,000 into $50,000 in few months – with no risk. This kind of statements is suspisious, be aware.


Warning Signs of Fraud

1. Stay Away From Opportunities That Sound Too Good to Be True. [Get-rich-quick tend to be frauds.]

2. Avoid Any Company that Predicts or Guarantees Large Profits. Be extremely carefull of companies that guarantee huge profits, and have high performance. In many cases, those claims are false. Be sure you get all the information about the company and its track record and verify the data. If you can, before you invest with any company, check the company's materials with someone whose financial advice you trust

3. Stay Away From Companies That Promise Little or No Financial Risk in Forex Trading